Bring Step Up. Step In. to Your Community

Step Up. Step In. is engaging youth, adults and organizations through a variety of age-appropriate activities that are specific to each community. Join the movement and help identify local opportunities to teach youth and adults about sexual bullying and sexual harassment – and how to prevent it. Activities in your community could include:

  • A photo tour that captures pictures of youth and adults wearing brightly colored shoes who have committed to Step Up and Step In to stop sexual bullying
  • Facebook and Twitter pages that help youth and adults better understand and prevent sexual bullying – or what steps to take when it occurs
  • Posters, literature and signage to raise awareness about – and help youth and adults better understand – sexual bullying as an important social issue that is being addressed
  • Appointed Step Up. Step In. Ambassadors who ensure the movement addresses unique community needs
  • Participating in community events and organizations
  • Charitable involvement

Take Action Now. Be sure to visit Facebook or Twitter; or contact us for more information on how you can bring Step Up. Step In. to your community!